In this episode, we hear two separate accounts identifying new persons of interest. One woman saw two men leaving Christians apartment the afternoon of the day he died, and this account is emphasized by a man who was given information implicating two men’s involvement, one of which was the same man seen leaving the apartment.

Show Notes

In this episode, we hear from 2 important witnesses, Mary and Kelly. Mary was asked to keep an eye on Christian’s apartment when he was off on a hitch, and she happened to be at the apartment the day Christian died, and saw 2 men coming out of the apartment around the middle of the day. Kelly worked on the tow boat with Hayes Mitchell, Bilbo’s son. He heard Hayes telling some pretty specific information regarding Christian’s death.
Rae gives her theory of what she thinks actually happened to her son.

Episode Credits

Culpable is a production of Black Mountain Media and Tenderfoot TV

Executive producers: Dennis Cooper, Jacob Bozarth, Mark Minnery, Donald Albright and Payne Lindsey 

Additional production: Whitney Bozarth, Courtney Cooper, Meredith Steadman and Mason Lindsey

Audio editing, mixing and mastering by Resonate Recordings

Theme music and score by Dirt Poor Robbins

Cover art by Drew Bardana

Special thanks to Mike Hynes, Sheila Wysocki and Lance Black

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