We recount the night before Christian’s death. Three of our persons of interest, including Whitley, were shooting guns at Jett Miller’s house the night of February 25th; Matt Miller (cousin) was also present. We hear conflicting stories on whether or not Whitley shot the gun.

Show Notes

In episode 5, we go back to the night before Christian died when Whitley and Matt Miller were shooting guns. We refer to this as “gun night.” Whitley’s alibi for having gunshot residue on her hands is because she was shooting guns the night before with Matt Miller and his cousin Jett Miller. The Andreacchio’s former private investigators spoke with the Miller’s and we hear their take on what happened at gun night. We also learn that another person was at gun night, and that there are inconsistencies in Jett and Matt’s stories of what happened that night. 

Rae personally spoke with the other person who was at gun night and gives a recap of their phone conversation.

Episode Credits

Culpable is a production of Black Mountain Media and Tenderfoot TV

Executive producers: Dennis Cooper, Jacob Bozarth, Mark Minnery, Donald Albright and Payne Lindsey 

Additional production: Whitney Bozarth, Courtney Cooper, Meredith Steadman and Mason Lindsey

Audio editing, mixing and mastering by Resonate Recordings

Theme music and score by Dirt Poor Robbins

Theme song in this episode Unspoken by Lovers and Madmen

Cover art by Drew Bardana

Special thanks to Mike Hynes, Sheila Wysocki and Lance Black

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