Dennis recaps Whitley and Dylan’s alibis on the day of Christian’s death, and recounts their movement the night prior. Christian’s uncle gives his account of what he saw at the apartment when he and Christian’s brother Josh checked out the scene.


To have a .45 go off in a small apartment like that, it would wake up the dead.

– Chris Thompson, Christian’s uncle


Whitley had his phone for hours…She lied about having his phone for a reason.

– Rae Andreacchio

Show Notes

Episode 4 focuses on February 26th, 2014, the day of Christian’s death, after the time of death. Christian’s uncle, Chris Thompson, went down to the police station to verify Christian’s death. Police told him they had Whitley and Dylan, who were at the apartment, in the back asking them questions. Chris asked the whereabouts of Christian’s cell phone and keys to his car, and police didn’t know; they asked Whitley and she said she didn’t know either, but then later pulled his phone out of her purse and hands it to police after they threatened to not let her leave until it was found. 

Dennis gives a run down of the findings of Christian’s call history from AT&T and unpacks the inconsistencies of Dylan and Whitley’s statements. 

Chris gives a report of what he saw when he went to Christian’s apartment the next day. There was a lot that stood out: lack of blood spatter, a bullet-sized hole in the wall near the lightswitch by the door, and blood spatter on the outside of the door. 

We learn that gunshot residue is found on Whitley, Dylan and Christian’s hands. Whitley claims she had gunshot residue on her hands because she was shooting guns the night before (February 25) with a guy named Matt Miller. 

Episode Credits

Culpable is a production of Black Mountain Media and Tenderfoot TV

Executive producers: Dennis Cooper, Jacob Bozarth, Mark Minnery, Donald Albright and Payne Lindsey 

Additional production: Whitney Bozarth, Courtney Cooper, Meredith Steadman and Mason Lindsey

Audio editing, mixing and mastering by Resonate Recordings

Theme music and score by Dirt Poor Robbins

Cover art by Drew Bardana

Special thanks to Mike Hynes, Sheila Wysocki and Lance Black

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