Dennis and team visit the Andreacchio’s to attend “Wishing Night,” an annual event held on Christian’s birthday to commemorate his life. Dennis talks to Christian’s ex-girlfriend, Avery Smith and an old friend Taylor Dial and learns more about what Christian was like. We learn about Christian’s new girlfriend, Whitley Goodman and new friend Dylan Swearingen, and how he began to change once these people came into his life.


You got two people that were there and neither of them have the same story. If Christian killed himself, that shoulda been the story; but when you got 2 stories, somebody is lying.

– Taylor Dial, Christian’s friend


For me finding an answer is everything. Christian will be with me until I’m in the grave.

– Avery Smith, Christian’s former girlfriend

Show Notes

In episode 2, Dennis travels to Meridian to attend the annual Wishing Night that the Andreacchio family holds for Christian every year on his birthday. Once the sky turns dark, everyone moves outside. They send lanters off into the night sky with handwritten messages on them from family and friends who love and miss him dearly.

Dennis first talks with Christian’s ex-girlfriend, Avery Smith as well as her mom and brother. Christian and Avery dated for several years, and he was really close with their family. They share some of their favorite memories of Christian, and it’s clear that this was a tremendous loss for their family, even though Christian and Avery were no longer dating.

Next, Dennis talks with Christian’s best friend, Taylor Dial. Taylor and Christian go way back. Taylor introduces us to Christian’s new girlfriend, Whitley Goodman and new friend Dylan Swearingen, and how he felt like they were dragging Christian down.

Rae shares what their experience was like when Whitley came to live with them. Whitley didn’t have a strong support system at home, so the Andreacchio’s took her in. But it didn’t take long before she caused a lot of strain and trouble in their family and especially between Rae and Christian.

We also learn that Dylan and Whitley were both at the apartment when Christian died.

Episode Credits

Culpable is a production of Black Mountain Media and Tenderfoot TV

Executive producers: Dennis Cooper, Jacob Bozarth, Mark Minnery, Donald Albright and Payne Lindsey

Additional production: Whitney Bozarth, Courtney Cooper, Meredith Steadman and Mason Lindsey

Audio editing, mixing and mastering by Resonate Recordings

Theme music and score by Dirt Poor Robins

Additional music in this episode titled Flames by Lovers and Madmen

Cover art by Drew Bardana

Special thanks to Mike Hynes, Sheila Wysocki and Lance Black

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