Meridian Police Department rules Christian’s death a suicide after a mere 45 minute investigation. MPD holds everything close to the vest, and Rae shares her experience of what working with MPD was really like. We also speak with attorney Cynthia Speetjans and private investigator Max Mayes who have worked closely on this case and hear their take on MPD’s involvement.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there is something wrong with this case. Or you commit yourself to proving that this is a suicide instead of a murder…

– Max Mayes, private investigator


Not only have questions not been answered–they’ve never been asked. No curiosity as to what really happened here.

Cynthia Speetjans, attorney

Show Notes

In episode 6, we discuss more at length Meridian Police Department’s involvement in the case. Rae walks us through step by step, person by person that worked on the case and her interactions with them. We learn that Chief Lee shut down the investigation after 45 minutes, that detectives never responded to her phone calls, and that a new detective was hired to help work Christian’s case but never moved the case forward and instead lied to the Andreacchio’s repeatedly.

Dennis speaks with the family’s attorney Cynthia Speetjans and former private investigator Max Mayes who shine some more light into the investigation.

Rae wrote a gripping letter a few years ago, entitled “An Open Letter to the People Who Hold the Fate of My Son in Their Hands.” She tried to get it posted in local media and was denied, but she shares it now with the eyes of the nation on her and this case.

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