Mississippi Bureau of Investigation’s assumes responsibility of Christian’s case. The result of MBIs investigation is suicide. Dennis breaks down the MBI report. Rae shares their experience of working with MBI, which consists of lost evidence, a report based on theories, and false claims. Dennis also talks with Lt. Colonel Gale Mills who had an in with MBI and gets her take on their investigation.

Show Notes

In this episode, we learn more about about the Mississippi Bureau Investigation (MBI)’s work on Christian’s case and walk through their report. Rae & Todd share their experience working with their assigned investigator from MBI. 

Dennis walks through MBI’s report on the case, which mostly consisted of summaries of their interviews with Whitley, Dylan, Jett, Matt and Dallas; their theories regarding blood spatter, the gun malfunctioning, the abrasion on Christian’s nose, no rigor mortis, and the 911 call; and different pieces of evidence. We also learn more about some text messages that were found on Christian’s report through MBI’s extraction of his cell phone. 

Dennis speaks with Gale Mills, who worked for the Department of Public Safety for many years and helped get MBI involved with the case. She shares her thoughts on the case and her thoughts on MBI’s investigation. 

Episode Credits

Culpable is a production of Black Mountain Media and Tenderfoot TV

Executive producers: Dennis Cooper, Jacob Bozarth, Mark Minnery, Donald Albright and Payne Lindsey 

Additional production: Whitney Bozarth, Courtney Cooper, Meredith Steadman and Mason Lindsey

Audio editing, mixing and mastering by Resonate Recordings

Theme music and score by Dirt Poor Robbins

Cover art by Drew Bardana

Special thanks to Mike Hynes, Sheila Wysocki and Lance Black

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