In this episode, we cover Christian’s case file, which was released in July of 2019. The case file contains documents gathered by various individuals and agencies who have worked this case over the years, including the recent investigation and presentation by the Attorney General’s office. Dennis discusses the release of the case file and breaks down its contents.

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss Christian’s case file that has information from every agency who has ever worked on Christian’s case and their findings. This includes MPD, MBI, AG, private investigators and consultants hired by the Andreacchio’s. The mystery behind the case file in particular is what the AG have put into the file, which the Andreacchio’s have always been curious to see since they are the ones who presented it to the grand jury and it was returned as a no true bill. 

The file was finally released to the Andreacchio’s after trying numerous times to obtain it, but only after it was released to a third party who simply made a FOIA request, even after the Andreacchio’s had been told numerous times by the AG’s office that they did not release case files. Rae shares what this experience has been like for them, to have her son’s personal information and autopsy photos shared across the internet.

Dennis breaks down the contents of the case file more in depth.

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