In our season finale, Dennis shares some final thoughts on Christian’s case from various inconsistencies to how poorly this case has been handled. Throughout working this case, we have learned that Meridian is plagued with much bigger issues of crime that span beyond the death of Christian, and Dennis discusses some of the problems the city is facing. Rae and her brother Chris expand on this and talk about the effects Christian’s case has had on the community, and what changes need to be made in Meridian in order for the citizens to feel served and protected. 

Show Notes

In this season 1 finale of Culpable, Dennis shares some final thoughts on Christian’s case and all of its inconsistencies. Throughout this investigation we have seen a bigger problem at play here in Meridian, problems that lie beyond the botched investigation–problems with the city government and law enforcement that pose a much bigger problem than incompetent law enforcement.
We hear closing thoughts from Rae and her brother Chris on the effects of Christian’s case in the community, and we discuss the changes that need to be made in Meridian in order for citizens to genuinely be served and protected. We also hear from Michael Grace, who is running for DA and hear his thoughts on what needs to be done in Meridian as well as with Christian’s case.

We also share practical ways that you as the general public, can help make change happen for Chrisitan’s case and for the City of Meridian. And finally, we share a big announcement at the very end of the episode–stay tuned to the end!

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We’d like to thank Sheila Wysocki for helping us investigate this case. You can hear more of the investigative work Sheila and her team are doing by listening to her podcast, Without Warning.

Additionally we’d like to thank the entire team of P.I.’s who have helped and continue to help investigate this case: Jay Marin, Claudia Barrios, Michael Kenney, Mark Gillespie, Troy Fleming, Brandy Lo, and George Gergis. We’d like to extend a special thanks to Mike Hynes, Courtney Cooper, Jessie Minnery, Ava Minnery, Jon Street, Troy Harvey, Chad Lewis, Paul Frields, Mason Lindsey, Meredith Steadman, Chelsea Sark, and Lance Black. And to the Andreacchios, we thank you for opening your home to us, for all the hospitality, and most importantly we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to tell Christian’s story. 

We encourage our listener’s to check out their nonprofit, which was created in honor of Christian. Their mission is to provide appropriate footwear and clothing for children in need with emphasis placed on children in state custody. 

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